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Central Stockfeed Layer Meal is a high specification feed for laying hens to be fed from 18 weeks through lay. This is the feed for the serious egg producer. Central Stockfeed Layer Meal contains a full range of vitamins and minerals essential for good strong, healthy hens. Central Stockfeed Layer Meal contain a balance of milled grain,protein ingredients, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to provide the laying hen with a quality balanced feed. Your hens will love this feed and reward you with good numbers of high quality eggs.
To produce plenty of good quality eggs for birds at range it is essential to feed grit. The grit needs to be freely available to hens at all times to ensure strong egg shells. Central Stockfeed can supply grit for this purpose.
Feeding - Ad lib feed laying hens for the best results. (110-140 grams per day)
Typical analysis: As Fed
Protein: 16% Fat: 3%
Energy: AME 2700 Kcal/Kg
Ingredients selected from:
Barley, Wheat, Maize, Peas, Molasses, Di calcium Phosphate, Salt, Vegetable oil, Soya Meal, Lime, Minerals, and Vitamins Methionine.

Category: Poultry

Type: Poultry

Vendor: Central Stockfeed

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