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  • 20% Protein Calf Pellets Plus Coccidiostat

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    A high protein, high energy ,formulation, ideal for calves as a starter feed from birth to weaning.  Contains milled grain for a readily available energy source.  This highly digestible feed contains Bovatec and Levucell.  Your calves will love and do well on this feed.  This feed also contains the essential minerals and vitamins for good health and growth rates. 

    Bovatec Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis and enhances weight gain.  This is a must for all calves.

    Levucell SC –Is a concentrated live yeast, specifically selected to enhance the nutrition and health of ruminants.  Stabilizes the rumen pH, which aids in the reduction of acidosis. Stimulates microbial development in the rumen, ensuring maximum development of the rumen whilst promoting good health.

  • Typical analysis: As fed

    Crude Protein:  20%
    Energy  M.E. 12MJ/Kg
    Fiber: 5%                                         

    Ingredients selected from:

    Barley, Wheat, Maize, Peas, Lime, Soya Meal, Molasses,Minerals and Vitamins,.Bovatec, Levucell.

    Bovatec is registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997,No AO9679. See www.nzfsa.govt/acvm for registration conditions

    Warning – Do not allow dogs, horses, donkeys or other equine, alpacas or Llamas,access to this feed  as it can be fatal to these species when ingested.

25kg kg bags

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