Calf Milk Powder

Central Stockfeed

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Central Stockfeed are stocking quality Mulligans Calf milk replacer this year.  Great quality at great price.

Typical Analysys

20% fat

26% Protein

44% Lactose

7% Minerals

3% moisture

Deccox added so can only be feed to calves.

The following are guidelines only.  Full instrutions are on the bag

Twice a day feeding


Once a day feeding






0-4 days

Colostrum fed ad lib

0-4 days

Colostrum fed ad lib

5-10 days

Feed 2 litres twice a day

5-7 days

150g to 1 litre of water

11-24 days

Feed 2.5 litres twice a day

8-14 days

400g to 2 litres of water

Day 25 to weaning

Feed 3 litres twice a day

15-21 days

500g to 2 litre water



Day 22 to weaning

600g to 2 litres water


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