About Us

Mission Statement
We are motivated by the love of animals to manufacture a quality nutritious range of feeds for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Alpaca, Deer, Pigs, Poultry, Equine and Rabbits. With this in mind, we source quality local ingredients wherever possible to put into our specially formulated products. Our feed contains a balance of milled whole grains, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to provide your animals with a superior quality balanced feed. Your animals will Love Central Stockfeed Feed.

Company information
The Central Stockfeed Company is wholly owned by DC Turnbull & Co which started the business in 1894 as a grain and seed merchant in Timaru. For 120 years DC Turnbull has been involved in selling feed. One of our contracts was to supply the British army with oats for their horses during the Boer war. From this David Clarkson Turnbull got involved in shipping which was the company’s main focus last century. In 1998 DC Turnbull & Co bought what was then known as Central Grain and soon after changed the name to The Central Stockfeed Company.
The Central Stockfeed Company is committed to manufacturing the best stockfeed available. 
In doing so we use quality local raw ingredients were possible including, grain and peas. 
Maize is bought in from the North Island. We do not use low-quality ingredients as fillers in order to reduce costs. Nor do we use inferior Australian grain-based products or palm kernel. 
It is our belief that the best feed is produced from only using top quality ingredients.
DC Turnbull & Co has always focused on quality in whatever they have been involved with. Whether as grain and seed merchants, shipping or storage, quality is very important and a tradition we intend to continue. 
We appreciate your business and trust you will continue to prefer our Superior Quality Stock Feed Products.

For any information on products please contact us.

“I have been using Central Stockfeeds products for several years, and would never consider another brand. We use the range of Poultry feeds, from starter mash to the different layers' varieties. I feed my breeding, and show hens, on the products as well, and love the results.

We raise hundreds of calves, all on the muesli and pellets, as well as feeding our house cow the nuts.

I feel super confident I am feeding them the best quality, and really value the importance placed on quality ingredients,

I respect the company's beliefs in supporting local farmers by sourcing local materials,  not using fillers, as well as the their commitment to not using palm kernel.

As well, their service is friendly, helpful and efficient.

Lamea Brittenden - Clara Farming Ltd.”

Manufacturing Site
Phone : 03 684 9505
Email : sales@centralstockfeed.co.nz
Physical : 145 Hayes Street Timaru
Postal : PO Box 234 Timaru

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 7.30am to 5.00pm
Alternate Saturdays: 7.30am to 11.30am (check our facebook page for details - The Central Stockfeed Co Ltd)