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  • Central Stockfeed Grower Mash for feeding replacement pullets from 6-8 weeks of age until 18 weeks and the onset of lay.  This is an excellent feed to get pullets off to a great start in life.  Central Stockfeed Grower Mash contains a full range of vitamins and minerals essential for growing strong and healthy pullets.   This grain based feed contains 65% milled grain along with the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to provide the young chick with a quality balanced feed.  Your chicks will love this feed and grow into healthy strong hens.  After 18 weeks or at the start of lay feed Central Stockfeed Layer pellets or Layer Mash as a quality feed, plus grit to maximize your egg production. 

    This feed is also suitable to feed to any young poultry or other bird breeds. 

  • Feeding - Ad lib feed to young pullets to get the best results.

  • Typical analysis of feed:

    Protein: 16%
    Fat: 2.5%
    Energy: 30000 KCAL/Kg                                 

    Ingredients selected from:

    Wheat Maize Peas, Coxistac, D calcium Phosphate, salt, Vegetable oil , Soya Meal, Lime, Poultry minerals Methionine.

Category: Poultry

Type: Poultry

Vendor: Central Stockfeed

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