New Poultry Product

People have continually complimented us on the quality of our poultry products and how hens lay very well on our feed.

Well, we have now made a better poultry laying pellet called Layer pellets Plus.  This new product has been tested by a professional free range client to discover that when Layer Pellet Plus is feed produces larger eggs.  We can't say that it will produce more eggs though we expect it will in some cases.  It is just that there are multiple reasons why hens increase or decrease egg production throughout the year, such as:

Daylight hours

Temperature and weather conditions

Some free range bird can struggle with gut issues and may need a lactic acid to help them

Whatever the case, choosing a top quality feed always pays off, try some today.  Layer Pellet Plus

Don't be fooled with average product in flash bags buy great products in our bags.

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