June Specials


Keep your horses well fed through the colder months with:
Equine products are on special only for the month of June,
Horse muesli $24.00 for 25 kg, Oat free horse muesli - $23.00 for 25kg
Cool Feed low GI - $24.00 for 25kg
Chaff - oaten, meadow,  lucerne, black - oat $30.00 per bag
WF lucerne haylage – $24.00 per bag
Dunstan beta beet, Sugar beet - $39.00 per bag
Dunstan Mus and Shine - $61.00 per bag
Rolled Oats - $19.00 per 25kg two bags of whole oats for $32.00
Soya Hulls - $16.00 per 25kg Copra – 23.00 per 25kg.
Great products and great prices
Due to popular demand, the specials on Multi-feed pellets and wheat and barley will continue in June.
Other information
Now is a great time to contact us on what you will require for calf feed and calf milk powder this season.
Any questions about our feed or feedback of any kind, please feel free to contact me
by email or by phone 0274 344567.
Keep your stock feed well with a Quality feed from Central Stockfeed products.

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