April Specials


Multi-feed Nuts and Pellets, Two 25kg bags for only $27.00

Multi-feed is a great feed for calves, adult cattle, sheep, goats, deer, alpaca to improve growth rate and general nutrition.

Whole Wheat two 25kg bags for only $30.00

Whole wheat is a great feed for any poultry or large birds for maintenance.  For better egg production and faster growth rate, feed one of our poultry feeds, Layer Pellets, Mash or Meal. 

Whole Barley, two 25kg bags for only $30.00

Whole barley is a great feed for sheep and goats as a supplement in times of feed shortages, cold weather and to help move small flocks,

Whole Oats, two bags for only $32.00

Whole oats are known as a great horse feed.  Oats contains more fibre than wheat or barley which makes it the safest feed for sheep and goats.  Note do not feed whole grains to cattle; they can only digest rolled or pelletised feeds.

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