Central Stock feed are now manufacturing a Goat Meal and Pellets designed for milking goats could also be used for milking sheep. this product is not avalable on line so please contact us today to order 145 hayes Street Timaru or phone 03 6849505

Naturally Good
Product Information Sheet

Goat meal and pellets
A superior quality, high energy formulation, developed for milking goats, could be used for any adult goat. Contains milled grain for a readily available energy source. The fibre in the feed helps slow down the digestion process so the feed is better utilised. This feed also contains the essential minerals, vitamins and Levucell for good health, to maintain condition before, during and after lactation. This feed is also suitable for non-lactating goats and other ruminants.
Levucell SC – Is a concentrated live yeast, specifically selected to enhance the nutrition and health of rumenants. Stabilises the rumen pH which aids in the reduction of acidosis. Stimulates microbial development in the rumen,ensuring maximum development of the rumen whilst promoting good health.

Typical analysis: As Fed
Crude Protein: 18% per kg DM Energy M.E. 12.0 MJ/kg
Fibre: 6%
Ingredients selected from:
Barley, Maize, Peas, Lime, Soya Meal, soya hulls, Molasses, Minerals.and Vitamins, Levucell.

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