June 01, 2017


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June Specials


Keep your horses well fed through the colder months with:
Equine products are on special only for the month of June,
Horse muesli $24.00 for 25 kg, Oat free horse muesli - $23.00 for 25kg
Cool Feed low GI - $24.00 for 25kg
Chaff - oaten, meadow,  lucerne, black - oat $30.00 per bag
WF lucerne haylage – $24.00 per bag
Dunstan beta beet, Sugar beet - $39.00 per bag
Dunstan Mus and Shine - $61.00 per bag
Rolled Oats - $19.00 per 25kg two bags of whole oats for $32.00
Soya Hulls - $16.00 per 25kg Copra – 23.00 per 25kg.
Great products and great prices
Due to popular demand, the specials on Multi-feed pellets and wheat and barley will continue in June.
Other information
Now is a great time to contact us on what you will require for calf feed and calf milk powder this season.
Any questions about our feed or feedback of any kind, please feel free to contact me
by email or by phone 0274 344567.
Keep your stock feed well with a Quality feed from Central Stockfeed products.
April 26, 2017


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Balage for sale

Central Stockfeed are stocking small bales of red clover / meadow, balage for only $20.00 per bale.

Call in today and pick some to keep your stock well feed over the cooler months.


April 03, 2017


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April Specials


Multi-feed Nuts and Pellets, Two 25kg bags for only $27.00

Multi-feed is a great feed for calves, adult cattle, sheep, goats, deer, alpaca to improve growth rate and general nutrition.

Whole Wheat two 25kg bags for only $30.00

Whole wheat is a great feed for any poultry or large birds for maintenance.  For better egg production and faster growth rate, feed one of our poultry feeds, Layer Pellets, Mash or Meal. 

Whole Barley, two 25kg bags for only $30.00

Whole barley is a great feed for sheep and goats as a supplement in times of feed shortages, cold weather and to help move small flocks,

Whole Oats, two bags for only $32.00

Whole oats are known as a great horse feed.  Oats contains more fibre than wheat or barley which makes it the safest feed for sheep and goats.  Note do not feed whole grains to cattle; they can only digest rolled or pelletised feeds.

March 28, 2017


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Central Stockfeed is now selling great quality Red Clover small bales of hay.  This is great quality 2017 Hay.

Just $10.00 for orders of 5 bales or more.

Contact us today for you Autumn winter feed requirements and keep your animals well fed with great quality products.

145 Haye Street Timaru

Phone - 03 684 9505

February 21, 2017


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New Poultry Product

People have continually complimented us on the quality of our poultry products and how hens lay very well on our feed.

Well, we have now made a better poultry laying pellet called Layer pellets Plus.  This new product has been tested by a professional free range client to discover that when Layer Pellet Plus is feed produces larger eggs.  We can't say that it will produce more eggs though we expect it will in some cases.  It is just that there are multiple reasons why hens increase or decrease egg production throughout the year, such as:

Daylight hours

Temperature and weather conditions

Some free range bird can struggle with gut issues and may need a lactic acid to help them

Whatever the case, choosing a top quality feed always pays off, try some today.  Layer Pellet Plus

Don't be fooled with average product in flash bags buy great products in our bags.

February 02, 2017

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long awaited Poultry feed sale

Central Stockfeed has their poultry feed on special all through the month of February.  Call in today and check it out.


Layer pellets

Layer Meal

Layer Mash

Grower and Starter Mash

January 30, 2017


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Enviro Shield

Why get someone in? Control pesky insects yourself.

Central Stockfeed is now stocking enviroshield a pyrethroid insecticide that is natural and safe to use around the house and farm buildings to control pesky insects.

For control of Ants, Cockroaches Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, Flies, and Mosquitoes.

In houses and farm buildings including poultry sheds.

Call in today to buy the feed you need for your animals and Enviroshield to control insects.